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A Place To Call Home
ISBN 0-9732780-1-3
Cover photo by Melanie Wills

Moon Hall

by Gabriele Wills

Two women who live a century apart. Two stories that interweave to form a rich tapestry of intriguing characters, evocative places, and compelling events.

Escaping from a disintegrating relationship in the city, writer Kit Spencer stumbles upon the quintessential Norman Rockwell village in the Ottawa Valley, where she buys an old stone mansion, "Moon Hall". But her illusions about idyllic country life are soon challenged by reality.

Beneath the seemingly calm backwater run powerful currents, dramas already close to breaking the surface. In her rural community of farmers, hippies, and yuppies, Kit unwittingly precipitates events that will change them all forever.

Violet McAllister, the ghost that reputedly haunts Moon Hall, comes vividly to life through her long-forgotten diary. From the gritty shantytown of the newly-minted capital of Canada to the extravagant balls given by the popular and flamboyant Governor General and his wife, Violet's tragic tale unfolds. Kit feels a bond with this strong and passionate woman, and realizes she must grasp her own happiness while she can.

Moon Hall is a haunting tale of relationships in crisis, and touches on the full spectrum of human emotions - from raw violence and dark passions to compassion and love.

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Copyright © 2008 Gabriele Wills, Photos Copyright © 2008 Melanie Wills